PDF Why Did the Messiah Curse the Fig Tree?

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Why Did Jesus Curse the Fig Tree?

In fact, commentaries and botany experts state that fig trees can bear fruit even before they sprout leaves. Since this tree was already full of leaves, it should have had fruit, if it were going to produce any that year.

Is prayer spiritual?

It was all promise, but no fulfillment. He rightly expected it should have had fruit. But why take the time to curse the tree in front of His disciples? And why cause this passage to be recorded for us to read today?

Why did Jesus kneel in prayer?

God does not record things in the Bible without a good reason, so we should look a little deeper. That conclusion is pretty clear for us to see.

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Years later, the apostle Paul used another analogy to explain this—he compared the Jews to tree branches that God had broken off and replaced by grafting on new branches, the gentiles Romans He also talked about salvation being offered to them at a future time verse Perhaps you can already see the point this is leading to. The situation involving the cursed fig tree is recorded in two places in the Gospel records — Matthew ; and Mark ; And seeing a fig tree afar off having leaves, he came, if perhaps he might find anything thereon: and when he came to it, he found nothing but leaves; for it was not the season of figs.

And as they passed by in the morning, they saw the fig tree withered away from the roots. We are omitting verses , which provide some transitional information that occurred between the two successive days that are related to this scene. On the second day, as Christ and his disciples passed by the tree, on their way to Jerusalem, it was noticed that the fig tree was completely dead.

Why Did Jesus Curse the Fig Tree?

This compelled Peter, who was speaking on behalf of the others as well cf. The fig tree which you cursed has withered. Rather, a curse was a pronouncement of judgment upon a person or object cf. In this case, there was a command miracle by which Christ spoke words that would cause this tree to die.

It represented a strong object-lesson that the disciples needed to learn and numerous others since that time as well.

The Fulfillment of the Prophetic Act of Cursing the Fig Tree

First, it cannot be established that the tree had an owner. Second, W. Thompson, a scholar eminently familiar with Palestinean customs, pointed out that it was common for travelers to pick fruit from road-side trees, or from any tree that was not enclosed; there was no censure associated with such p. Third, it must be emphasized that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.

He himself possesses the nature of deity Jn.

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As deity, therefore, the earth and its fullness are his Psa. He has the sovereign right to use the elements of creation to accomplish those higher goals which man, limited in his knowledge, may not perceive at a given moment in time.

Q48. Why did Jesus curse the fig tree?

And that includes the destruction of a tree, or even a herd of swine cf. In order to put this situation into sharper focus, the student needs to examine the meaning behind this action by Christ. One must conclude that this circumstance reveals that though he was deity, Jesus did not exercise the full range of his divine powers constantly. He did not know the details regarding this tree until he was in close proximity v.

Is the Fig Tree Cursed Forever?|Promises to Israel

When the Savior arrived at the tree, he observed a curious thing — the fig tree was fruitless. Of what significance is this? Thus, to see a leafed fig tree even at an unseasonable time — v. But this tree was an oddity; the leaves were there, but it was fruitless.

Centuries earlier, the Hebrew nation had been separated from the pagan peoples of antiquity to serve in a special role in the divine economy. Across the centuries, however, the Israelite people frequently rebelled against their Creator.