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It wasn't necessarily a children's book, as I have always been an advanced reader and was reading page-and-up books when I was in third grade. The most that I can remember, and it really intrigues me, is that the main character is a girl who needs to solve puzzles in these rooms, though there might be more to it than that. I can't remember if she had an ultimate goal, just that she needed to keep advancing. One room she got to made her pause, however. There was a curtain in the room obscuring the far wall and for some reason I remember these roons as being hexagonal or octagonal?

That may just be my own mind though and from behing the curtain she kept hearing these noises that terrified her.

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Eventually she managed to steel herself and find the courage to draw back the curtain, and when she does, what she sees standing there is not some monster, but herself. It was this philosophical kind of thing about yourself being the thing you're most scared of, or your greatest enemy being yourself, but again, I was six. The details have become a little fuzzy. I also remember the books I believe it was a series, but I may have been holding multiple, similar books in the memory I'm drawing this from being pastel-hued, with purple, peach, and orange sticking out in my pink particularly.

One of those three. They were fairly thick as I remember them, not short, but I couldn't give a good estimate on page number. The time period they're from is probably relatively recent, nothing before the s, I'd guess. Thank you so much! Help me find this book Submitted by Guest not verified on October 14, - am.

1, Free Audio Books: Download Great Books for Free | Open Culture

All I remember is that a princess is imprisoned in a giant bird cafe and forced to sing for the king and his guards but she gets the chance after years in the cage and escapes to a neighboring kingdom to try and find the other guardian like her from a prophecy to stop tyrant king from taking over everything. The two guardians are connected but only after their powers are connected and she pretend to be a servant.

That is all I remember, please help I've been looking for years now. Read this in highschool Submitted by kyla cook not verified on October 14, - pm. It was a historical romance novel she was wrongly accused of sleeping with a man She was only healing him She was forced to walk through town and get stones tossed at her The laird or highlander helped her was taking her somewhere She had four body gards Her and her gards used bows Each of there arrows had a different color for the person that used it She also had a bunch of statues of a saint all of the statues had gold in them.

Book Submitted by Sarah not verified on October 15, - am. Can't find a book on wattpad, I've forgotten the name Submitted by Denise not verified on October 15, - am. So it's basically about this girl who likes boy, and one night this guy enters her room while she is asleep.

So it's dark and she gets up and sees him but he tells her not to put the light on. The talk get to know each other. This went on for days and she thought that this mystery guy is her crush but it's not, It happens to be her crush's Elder brother. She finds that out after she goes to her crush's house and he comes and tells her A book with a Cat on the Cover in the woods chasing Submitted by triacona not verified on October 15, - am. I am trying to remember a childhood book. It was about a cat that roomed a dark wood. One day a 3 children got lost in these woods.

And the cat came towards them, seemingly to befriend the children, it snarled and bit one of the children, taring off flesh. This caused the children to start running.

As soon as they turned their backs the cat began to grow in size. Soon they realised and turned to face it, only to have the bitten child to get their throat ripped out. The other two bolt and the cat begins persuit, all the whilst growning in size and ferocity Thanks for your help.

Book Submitted by Vicente not verified on October 15, - pm. I am looking for the book collection that the plot it is about crime into deep sea. I forget the title I have some name related to the author and the good guy: Peter Kapra, Jim It marked greatly my childhood. Many thanks! Vicente, from Mozambique. I can't find this book, please help Submitted by Smokey not verified on October 15, - pm.

I've looked everywhere, google, yahoo answers, quote sourcing, can't find it.

Dr. Seuss The Cat in the Hat

I read it two years ago, and I loved it, I really wanna read it again. It's about this bipolar girl named v who moves into this small town with her artist mother for the summer. V works at a pottery shop, where she meets this chef boy named I think it's Jordan? J something at least who's father just died, The dude's mom is grieving the death, so he has to take care of the kids.

It doesn't actually end happily. She then later crashes said bike. Victorian romance book I can't find. Read this book in the 90's where an orphan woman think her name is Betsy or Bessy, lives with distant relatives in the country where she meets a man accused of murdering his fiance by the towns people but his best friend at the time murdered her in the end because he was also in love with the woman. This is a childrens book about a young African American boy who either gets into some trouble or loses his confidence.

He goes to a gypsy and she gives him a special box and tells him to always keep it by his side. The boy grows up and becomes very successful One day when he is grown he opens the wooden box and sees that it's only a mirror with his reflection inside.

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I can't remember the title of this book Submitted by Amy Karlberg not verified on October 16, - pm. At one point she breaks a bone and everyone things she's depressed but she says she's just clumsy. Her uncle is very attractive and wants to be a real estate agent. Her uncle tries to sell a house and she has to light a cinnamon candle.

She lives by the beach.

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I think there is a lighthouse on the cover with the white dog who has a little bit of brown coloring. Please help me!!

About the Author

Found something close There's definitely an uncle Jack and a young girl goes to live with him. I didn't see anything about a cinnamon candle or him being a real estate agent; either I've got the wrong book sorry or you may be combining two books in your head. Hope you find what you're looking for! Shot in the Dark Submitted by Guest not verified on October 16, - pm. I only have vague memories of the book, but I figured I'd take a shot in the dark in case it was actually very popular. The book was centered around a teenage male protagonist, and it was realistic fiction based on standard social drama types of issues.

The only other memories I have from it are like visions from a dream that I can't really describe. I think the cover was red and black, but can't remember unfortunately. I can't remember the title. Looking for a book. It's part of a series. I think the characters are called Lucy and Cole.

They meet when they're 15 and Lucy's dad is an alcoholic. The book goes through to college as well. Please help Submitted by Rosie Rodriguez not verified on October 17, - pm. Please help me find the name of this book!!! End of war in Vietnam In America, a young woman receive a letter from her MIA husband, he tell her he is alive and to prove his identity use the sentence "say hello to Tiny'' which only the two of them know about "Tiny" being one of the young woman breast which is slightly smaller than the other one She contact 4 of her husband Green beret friends who decide to go back to Vietnam and free him I read it around or 4, I believe the original title was "Mission impossible" which make it impossible to found on the net since everytime you type those 2 words you go directly to Tom Cruise movies Thank you for your help, I got to find that book.

Is it Mission M. Submitted by Norm S. Hi - I think the book you're looking for is Mission M. I listened to a short story in a collection of short stories years ago.

The golden plate story in hindi

I can't remember all of the details, but I loved it! It was about a small town or community that kept fire alive by always keeping embers and even people smoking to pass on the flame. It was in a great and well told collection of short stories on an audio cd. I just can't remember any other details Try to find a book I read Submitted by Lynne not verified on October 17, - pm.

Looking for a book I read that was set in the Pacific NW somewhere. A city was quarantined and some young people began to notice really strange things happening. People were blending with inanimate objects. One person was stuck in a ceiling as if he were a part of it. Someone got trapped in a wall. There was something really strange at the city hospital and it was initially guarded by the military. Lots of strange flashing lights and odd sounds coming from it. A couple of kids tried to get out but were forced to return by the military.

There was a strange opening in the sky and it was hinted that this led to another universe that was taking over this universe and people were being trapped between the two, hence the people in the ceilings and walls. At the end of the book, it was suggested that the hole in the sky was expanding and would eventually swallow up the earth. I would love to find this book. Help find book Submitted by Carlina not verified on October 18, - am.