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I've shied away from sharing bits of our life lately, only because I haven't been in the right headspace to properly put anything into words. Two months ago, my grandfather passed away. Brent, Sebastian, and I were walking down the beach on our last day in Hawaii when he died. I knew the phone call was coming - my grandfather had been sick for awhile - so I had some time to mentally prepare, but in all honesty, it didn't make things any easier. I was fortunate enough to have my grandfather come stay with me while I was pregnant with Sebastian.

It was nice that we got to spend that quality time together. He was such a trooper during the visit. My mom and I dragged him through the market and all around town on foot.

Chocolate Brownie - Barry Lewis

I took him to Molly Moon's Ice Cream and I couldn't believe that he ate a whole large ice cream to himself. And it still makes me laugh out loud when I remember how mad he got when he stepped in dog poop. He was the last of my grandparents to pass away - which means that my parents are now the grandparents and that makes me want to cry. I'm getting to the age where I'm constantly looking back on life thinking where has the time gone?

The stress that I was experiencing the loss of him, an early miscarriage, and a newly discovered lump on my neck, all while trying to take care of a toddler and an extremely ill husband who is much better now , I'm surprised that I came out of March with all limbs intact.

Recipe: An extremely good chocolate brownie

The stress, however, did take a toll on my health, and I've been fighting a cold for months, I started suffering from pretty intense reflux, which has left me with a lump in my throat sensation for weeks. So when the doctor asked me how I was dealing with my stress levels, I just started to cry.

People always ask me…Andrea, why do you give your recipes away? Are you nervous others will use your recipes for their own gain? My response is always the same. Recipes are meant to be shared.

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My entire goal is the hope that a mom or dad will make these in their kitchen instead of a box mix and feel the satisfaction knowing they created something with real ingredients for their family. Or a child will try this recipe and develop a love for cooking and baking.

The Very Best Brownies.

Or that someone who has never made a brownie before will search online and find mine to try. THAT is why I share my recipes. The pure joy for baking. So, take this recipe, pin it for future use, tuck it into your recipe box and just know that when you make these delicious brownies….

All the No Churn Ice Cream recipes

Pre-heat oven to Prepare and grease a 9 x 13 baking pan. Melt chocolate and butter together in a double boiler on the stove just until melted the microwave will work as well at 30 second intervals mixing between until melted set aside to cool slightly. Thank you! Do you have a favorite brand you recomend for the the choc.

Milk or semisweet? Hi, Karina! Do you think the recipe will be forgiving if we substitute what flour with rice one? You included the nutritional information with your original recipe but not with this updated version. Is the information the same for both? Both my husband and I need to watch what we eat. I never used baking chocolate for anything.

In my notes I go over several different options and ways of making these. I think it will answer your question best if you could read over them and see what you like best. They were thick , fudgey and wonderful! I love the chocolate buttery taste! This is my new brownie recipe. Best brownies ever, thanks so much! Added chopped walnuts…. I was planning to make half a batch. Can I alter that?

Yes, alter away;! I have tried and tested these multiple times and have found the best recipe here. Read through all my footnotes before the recipe to get a better idea of what you are looking for and wanting. Thanks so much for following along with me! I made these yesterday They are very good.

Last Episode - Divine Taste With Anushruti - Eggless Chocolate Brownies

I will make again. You can always double the ingredients and do two batches if that helps to make sure they are perfect. Hello, would it be possible to make your recipe in a sheetpan of 13x18inch making the batter times 2,5? Would you be able to give me the temperature of the middle of your pan using a prober thermometer, when you take your brownies out of the oven?

That way I could determine the baking time. Baked for around 18 minutes. Perfect texture but I prefer slightly thicker slices.

The Perfect Chocolate Brownie Recipe

Thank you so much for putting this recipe out there. I followed your first recipe just to see how they would come out and they were a hit with my family so I decided to challenge myself and try this recipe.

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I have never been more satisfied with baking! I followed your tips and tricks and they turned out beautifully. I even shared a photo with friends and they all want to try them even without tasting them because they looks so delicious! So thank you for the recipe. Hello dear Karina thank you for such a user friendly website and great recipes. I want to substitute flour for gluten sensitivity for your brownie recipe.

Guinness Chocolate Brownies

Is there any flour blend you suggest. I write from Turkey so we have no usa brands gluten flours here. I want to make my own gluten free blend. Best Regards Murat. Hi Murat, Any flour blend is great that is good for you and your body.