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While Notre-Dame was being written, Louis-Philippe , a constitutional king, had been brought to power by the July Revolution. It was a forerunner of much of his political verse. In his verse political and philosophical problems were integrated with the religious and social disquiet of the period; one poem evoked the misery of the workers, another praised the efficacy of prayer. He addressed many poems to the glory of Napoleon, though he shared with his contemporaries the reversion to republican ideals.

There were two motives for this: first, he needed a platform for his political and social ideas, and, second, he wished to write parts for a young and beautiful actress, Juliette Drouet, with whom he had begun a liaison in Juliette had little talent and soon renounced the stage in order to devote herself exclusively to him, becoming the discreet and faithful companion she was to remain until her death in This play was at first banned but was later used by Giuseppe Verdi as the libretto of his opera Rigoletto. Ruy Blas, a play in verse, appeared in and was followed by Les Burgraves in You are using an outdated browser.

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We don't dare to say what happened to us. While drinking a glass, they can sing it! Open, sweetheart, open, Here's you lover coming. How could I open the door to you? I'm ill in bed. I found a nest That look like the one of a thrush. I took the strongest fledging from the nest I took it to my sweetheart.

Early years (1802–30)

At the end of these seven years and three days The bird took its flight. It goes to sit on the hawthorn To eat some haws. I'll give you some of my white bread And profiteroles. I'll take you to the stream To drink clear water. The sleep has arrived Riding a goat, It will go away tomorrow morning Riding a rouncey. Quand la belle entend dire que son amant est pris Elle s'habille en page, en postillon joli. De sur son cheval monte et va voir son ami. Faites courte parole avec le prisonnier La justice de Nantes va venir le juger.

As I wanted to greet her, The justice of Nantes jailed me. When the fair maiden heard it said that her lover was taken She dressed up as a page, as a pretty postillion, On her horse she mounted and went to see her sweetheart.

The fair maiden went to the Nantes prison, "Oh, good jailer of Nantes, give me permission To talk to my master who is in the prison. Fearing to be taken by surprise, I changed my clothing. Daughter of a gentleman of noble rank. A girl's tricked saved her lover. The neighbor went out with a stone in hand And threw it at her Between her head and tail. The goat did "mementum". They went to fetch the doctor from Carcassonne, Who is a nice person. He put his hand under her belly And his nose to her asshole To check if she was still breathing.

The goat had done "mementum". All the girls would call me, "Come here, you, low-wage earner! And I found a girl there, And I loved her a little.

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Tell me, you, our neighbor, If you want to have your scissors sharpened, You have the grinder passing by over there, I assure you he will come soon. Qu'as tu pothet?

What's the matter with you, chicken? The battle is still going on. Mister de Joyeuse is involved in it, He asks the king if he wants to surrender. On the first shot that they shot Joyeuse trembled. On the second shot that they shot Joyeuse fell down on the ground. Alas, my God, those two children! So young they lost their father! They will buy a beautiful white horse And the bridle and the saddle. They'll always be on the move To avenge their father's death.

Don't try to comfort me, leave me in my sadness Let me crying in my sadness. My fickle mistress has just left me. Mon Diu! Non me'n parletz pas mei, d'aquera malurosa, D'aquera malurosa, jamei, La vita m'ei afrosa quan jo la vei, Jamei, jamei, La vita m'ei afrosa quan jo la vei. My God! Don't try to comfort me, leave me in my sadness Let me cry in my sadness My fickle mistress has just left me. Don't talk to me any more of this devil, Of this devil, ever.

Life is awful to me when I see her Ever, ever Life is awful to me when I see her. I'm going to watch the sheep lit. Noone is happier than shepherds in the mountain Than shepherds in the mountain, my God! I translated them from the French translations as I did for the Breton ones. But even if I don't speak Breton, I nevertheless have an idea of how the language works, I know some words and I can recognize others for having been borrowed from French while I know nothing, zilch, waloo about Basque, it's as dark as the darkest pitch-black night!

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Nik nere tresna arma dut eta Meltxorrek berriz saria. Haren barnian horrek hiltzen ditu Kolpatu eta eriak Nik berriz etxera juaiten ditut Lapinak eta erbiak. Meltxor : Piarres du eta gauza horrena Behar dezute aditu Hau esan gabe Mattin jaun horri. Ezin ninteke gelditu Nik ttorttolak sarearekin Atxematen eta ezin dut sufritu Zizpazalakin heldu danian Danal bidaltzen ditu. Mattin : Holako ihiztari sariekin.

Sekulan ez dut ikusi Batto barnian sartzen bazaio. Meltxorri ez zaio aski Inguruan gelditu direnen Gonbidatzea lanik aski. Hamar nahi ta behar hura ere Joaitzen zaio ihesi. As for me, my weapon is my longgun Meltxor's is a net. With this device, he only catches the ill and the wounded game. I, conversely, Bring back home Rabbits and hares. Mattin : Poor hunter with his nets. I never saw a bird Letting itself be caught. And it's not all of it; Meltxor, On a fair or unfair manner, Tries to attract those who are near. He wants ten birds but even those within reach Escape and fly away.

Théologie de l'Église adventiste du septième jour

Basque Adios, izar ederra, adios izarra! Goodbye, beautiful star, goodbye star! You are the unique Angel on this earth.. For to the Angels twice I compare you. How much I love you, you cannot figure it out! I went to Aragon and to Castile, To tell the truth, in one word, everywhere in Spain. I never saw twice one like you! You're famous in all of Navarre I never saw twice one like you!