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That is why the populists are demolishing the social democrats in Europe, and why the populists are just beginning to win in America. Holy smoke! An intelligent piece of writing followed by intelligent comments. I am in shock, not used to such sensibility. Peterson is a wonderfully provocative figure, and deserves praise, as wellc critical examination.

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His criticism of the unself-critical left is long overdue. I want to read or reread many of the books he refers to. There are many available discussions where he disagrees and visa versa, and they are very interesting. I have been forced to rethink many things, and has sharpened up my understanding of the issues. If youve got something to contribute lets hear it otherwise you dont belong on this site.

The Trump — GOP mob is nothing less than massive moral and political perversion cum mainstreaming of corporate criminality of the highest order. Go troll somewhere else. How about the 20 million a year that capitalist ideologies kill? How about that murderous ideology? Constantin…I am not talking dead people here. Living people, Constantin, where do they want to go…emigrate to.

Where do living people want to move to get a better life? Sweden, Germany, US, Canada….. Constantin…Venezuela…give me an honest answer. Exercise for you Todd. Try and understand how it is possible to hold the following 3 beliefs in your head without conflict:. Ending TPS for people from Honduras and El Salavador failed states with very high levels of violence … people that have live din the US for many years and have built stable families and lives … is pure evil.

Straight to hell if you believe in such things , pure unabashed evil. There is not a single argument one can make in favor of such a policy.

Jordan Peterson is absolutely correct about the threat of cultural Marxism and reliving the great evils of the 20th century. His prescriptions for individuals with underprivileged lives is really, really good and offers a much better path out of nihilism than anything the left currently offers. And the left is extraordinarily anti-science these days. As for anti-humanist, duh, marxism is the most anti-humanist ideology in disguise.

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I have had a similar experience. It reminds me of when I briefly joined a born-again Christian group in my youth where stock, illogical answers were given to questions of science vs fundamentalist interpretations of the Bible e.

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Hi Todd, The piece was about Jordan Peterson, and the comments so far seem germane to that subject. That means no one here said that. I very much enjoyed this essay. But… as I was reading it, I presumed that this content was from a man. I was caught, in my own cognitive dissonance. And then I thought more about the essay topic. I feel shame and remourse, even though I try to be open.

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  • Go troll somewhere else…. The party left me. Grateful to read so many likeminded folks express their agreement with Horton. Lots of dittos…. And I must say, kudos to Claire Lehman and her team for continually sharing interesting, thought provoking, quality content. Quillette is setting the standard for intelligent discourse and the sharing of important ideas, in my humble opinion. Garet Garret and Russell Kirk were more our kind, and any of their inheritors that we can find, but that has been tough for a long time.

    Catholic social thought of the last century or so should give you many insights that you may be surprised to find congenial, too.

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    Thank you for this. This kind of discourse is not how things get better. I worry about the environment my young children are growing up in, I hope I can impart on them the importance of independent thought. What a dumb piece. Any points he makes that are really worth considering? Because as far as I can tell, everything he says is either so obvious as to be banal clean your room, stand up straight or flatly wrong. You sound intellectually lazy. Open your mind and check out what he has to say, in his own words.

    It is a year ago now. Not very original. At the end of the podcast JBP describes people like you. The walls ned constant reinforcements for the likes of you. It does seem like Peterson is filling a void, similar to how Trump was filling a void.

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    They may not be the best person to fill it, but the void is large and ready to collapse. Peterson points out SJW silliness, and can maintain civility, so the non regressive left flock to him. But of all the people included in the IDW, he is the least rational. He says the left should harden up about name calling and minor offenses, but then scolds them for calling the right names.

    Just because he is declared enemy of the regressive left should not automatically make him a friend of free thought. If Milo was even tempered, civil, and professorial, would he be an IDW darling? For a start, lookup the Cathy Newman interview with Peterson on Youtube. I think she had a similar opinion as you seem to have. Hi Joshua, I can offer some criticism of Peterson, from the point of view of an overall admirer. Is it science? Is it mysticism? If someone is mad that chaos is characterized as feminine, they should get mad at the Sumerians and later Babylonians , who invented the concepts of Tiamat and Marduk.

    If you ask what I explicitly agree with, here are some examples: 1 The danger posed by Marxist regimes and government-enforced equality of outcome is a real thing, and history is crystal clear. Evil is a feature of human nature, not a bug. Your answers clarify why I take such issue with Peterson. Count me as a Jungian skeptic, for one thing.

    I think a lot of liberals and leftists do a terrible job at arguing with Peterson. The Cathy Newman interview was just frustrating. Wish you and the others who are starting to distance themselves from the far left had been more vocal when the name calling sexist, racist, etc etc of reasonable voices on the right began. Seems most on the left were perfectly willing to accept that characterization of those with whom they disagreed politically. Hopefully Dr. Horton, Jordan Peterson is not a stupid man. That is without doubt.

    My specialization in cultural cognition overlaps with his. Indeed I find his explanation of cognitive phenomena to be quite complex and much in line with my own understanding.

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    • However, Peterson is blind to his own biases and though he says he wants to identify his mistakes so he can correct them, he resists them at every turn. Take, for example, his ideas surrounding postmodernism. He then proceeds to argue that since his reality is simply THE reality, which also just happens to correspond to a patriarchal view of the world.

      It is little wonder that right wingers who revere patriarchy would be attracted to him. So, while I understand that there is much to respect in his work, his political narrative based on traditional patriarchy is not one of them. Nor is the fact that he is blind to his own biases in this matter. He should know better, but either chooses to ignore his own shortsightedness in favor of adulation by less knowledgeable persons, and has decided that their adulation confirms his narrative is a validation of the grift he iin which he s engaged.

      Put differently, not all perspectives are equally accurate.

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      I fail to see how you can dispute such a claim. Nor will I. I guess Jesus was free of bias. Your demands of Jordan Peterson are over the top. Constantly moving and changing.