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The starting point is the utopian desire to overcome personal or societal traumas by intentionally blurring the individual or collective memory.

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The suppression of the past leads to the inadvertent reopening of old wounds and the loss of personal and cultural identity. The institutionalised forgetting intended to assist forgiving and the restoration of peace — the amnesty —, becomes a carte blanche for denial of crimes, leading to a collective amnesia.

Here, he is in the guise of Orson Welles who, immersed in his film role of Macbeth, has forgotten his real existence and now, being pursued by a Japanese Manga dragon, a motorbike stuntman and two ancient Greek philosophers, tries to free himself from the vestiges of his imagined identity. Mouawad ends up, however, in the economic crisis of contemporary Greece where he encounters the souls of the dead who have been forgotten by society and wantonly suppressed from the collective consciousness.

And the weekends see a poetry slam, a concert and parties. This year it is bringing together acting and directing students from France, Germany and Portugal. In previous years students from Croatia, Palestine, Poland, Russia, Tunisia, Turkey, Hungary and Greece have all been our guests at this special opportunity to meet the theatre-makers of the future. Friday, 6 April Saturday, 7 April Spielplan Karten Auf Deutsch. December Charles Van Doren. The Awkward Yeti. Vicki Wienand. Insight Editions. John O'Connell. Reginald Rose.

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