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Preorder it here. Author F. Anthony Falcon had these thoughts when he first held his son: "Be brave, be brave, be brave. This book, a meditation on what it means to be brave, is also the author's reconnection with his Lakota roots. It is both the story of little Lakota's perilous arrival into the world as it is about Falcon describing what it is to be a Native American man today. Beautifully illustrated by Trisha Mason.

Get your copy today here. Beloved author Lemony Snicket teams up with Rilla Alexander for a brightly illustrated romp through one little boy's town as he mischievously chucks tomatoes and is followed by a swarm of bees. In spite of the funny, colorful tale it's really about feeling anger and other emotions, and figuring out where to put it. Get your copy today. This time, as Daniel makes his way to grandma's, he ponders what makes it a "good day," and stops to ask various members of his community to find out. For his friend Emma, a steady wind for her kite makes it a good day, for the gardener it's bees on flowers, for the crossing guard, it's everyone home safe.

Follow this charming tale to find out what makes a good, or better yet, a perfect day for Daniel. Pulitzer-prize finalist Susan Choi has written her first picture book and it's a must-read for parents and kids alike. When a young boy goes camping at the end of the summer with his family, like they do every year, he's unsure that he's ready to stop being a kindergartner.

All summer things his mom used to do for him, he's now doing for himself. When a tiger comes out of the woods and starts to talk to the boy, he helps the boy struggling with the changes to come. The illustrations by John Rocco are jaw-droppingly gorgeous, and we're not going to lie: our mom-reader who reviewed this book said it made her cry a little.

The perfect summer read as one school year ends and another is coming.

Meet Georgia. Buy it at amazon. Each artist also reflects on the artist they chose and what the quote means to them. Illustrator Selina Alko says, "I have always intuitively felt beauty and strength in representing different cultures, perspectives, and points of view. Life would be really bland if we only knew and told our own stories.

Includes an introduction by Harry Belafonte. Buy it now. Part of the Great Lives series from B. We loved this well-written account by Agnieszka Biskup illustrated by Sonia Leong, that recounts the key events in Curie's life, the challenges she faced being a woman in a male-dominated field, how she discovered two radioactive elements and ultimately became revered by her peers. Such a cool way for kids to learn history!

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This graphic novel will enlighten tween, teen and grown-up alike with the story of how RBG grew from a shy little girl to the Supreme Court. Dog Man is back in Dav Pilkey's latest in the popular elementary series, and this time, he is working with the Supa Buddies to overcome his bad habits. But, when things don't go exactly as planned, Dog Man becomes the target of a brand-new villian. All the while, Petey the Cat is out of jail and trying to start over with Li'l Petey. Petey also manages to learn the difference between right and wrong when his father comes to call.

This graphic novel is filled with vivid illustrations that follow the mischievous Hermes: messenger of the Gods. A delightful way to introduce kids to Greek Mythology.

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Grab a copy at amazon. Acclaimed author R. It's a story of triumph, kindness and true friendship, too, told in Palacio's unforgettable voice. Courtney Sheinmel introduces readers to a dynamic new duo in chapter books: a girl named Piper Maclane and her soon-to-be sidekick, Cosmo her pet slime. When she's faced with a class assignment, petless Piper concocts some slime to bring to school.

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And through a strange turn of events, Cosmo comes to life. Take that slime craze to the next level. Her quest? Win back the friendship of her bestie, Mary Ann. To do this, she has to stand up to a bully and become a legendary outlaw of Nottingham. We can't wait to see more books in this series. From to , Fred Rogers sang songs and taught valuable lessons of kindness and compassion to generations of kids.

Now, you can hold those sentiments and lyrics in your own hand and heart with this collection with four-color illustrations by Luke Flowers. With topics like Caring; Curious; Imaginative and Reflective, the songs are written here for generations more to appreciate. Celebrate the life and voice of poet Gwendolyn Brooks with this thoughtful story that combines both Brooks' legacy with her life story.

Known for being one of the most foremost poets on the Black experience and the role of women in society, Gwendolyn Brooks went from a young child writing all the time to becoming the first Black author to win the Pulitzer Prize and authoring 20 books of poetry, two autobiographies and one novel. Celebrated author and children's librarian Alice Faye Duncan makes Brooks come to life on the page for the young reader. Find a copy here. David Cole's second book in the Math Kids chapter book series is just as lively and entertaining as the first.

But they need one key thing to win: the quiet, math genius in class Catherine Duchesne.

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But when Catherine's dad goes missing, her new math friends spring into action to use math to solve the mystery. For any kid who loves math, buy this book. And any kid who doesn't? Buy it to show them math is fun! Get a copy here. The third volume in these adventures just hit the stands in October and our kiddos were overjoyed to read it. Written by David Cole, a writer and math teacher, each volume follows the adventures of the Math Kids Klub—Jordan, Justin, and Stephanie as they work to crack the case of a bank robbery using a cryptic poem.

Think Encyclopedia Brown meets STEM learning, your kids will have so much fun reading these adventures they won't even notice they're learning important math concepts! We learned so many amazing things about LEGO including the beginning concepts and hardships, fun facts and so much more. The perfect book for little LEGO lovers who want to go beyond sticking bricks.

In short, Lowey Bundy Sichol's books are brilliant and inspiring for inventors and innovators everywhere. Take Opportunities When race comes up, keep the lines of communication open, even if your child says something embarrassing, insensitive, or outright racist.

Seek out stories of multidimensional characters living complex lives. Chang explores pop culture, current events, corporate marketing, and the idea of a post-racial America. Tatum explores the ways that all of us express racial identity, and addresses head on the fears and anxieties that prevent parents from having honest conversations about race with their children. As Lester discusses how we all have a story, he brings up questions about why we think race is important and what it means to have a racial identity.

This gorgeous book — great to read with kids of any age — allows for open-ended conversation and questions. Her whole class gets involved, but ultimately, Unhei sees the power and joy of sharing a bit of her true self with her community. Easy but effective companion activities and discussion prompts can be found at Teaching Tolerance. In a new school and new country, Lailah is excited to participate in the celebration of Ramadan — but wonders if her classmates will understand.

A movie version of the book was released in November The small squirrel rescued from a super vacuum cleaner by year old Flora emerges hairless but with new superpowers. Newly named Ulysses, the squirrel cracks Flora's protective cynicism as she copes with her parents' separation.

Humor and pathos combine in text and illustration in this humorous, memorable and poignant novel. When young George concocts a medicine in an attempt to alter his old grandmother's nasty disposition, he quickly loses control of the situation for a laugh-out-loud listen.

Irredeemable, Vol. 3 by Mark Waid

Appropriately narrated in a British accent, this is vintage Dahl with a hint of sardonic humor. Ghost wants to be the fastest sprinter on his elite middle school track team, but his past is slowing him down. The author retells the saga of Hiawatha who with the Peacemaker was instrumental in creating the federation of tribes, known as the Great Iroquois Nation.

Dramatic illustrations evoke mystery and drama to complement the straightforward narration.

  1. Keenelands Ted Bassett: My Life.
  2. The Invisible String;
  3. A Month of Poetry.

Bogle-catching in Victorian England is comes alive in this deliciously spooky tale effectively presented in an accented voice and a capella singing. Two girls, Bean and Ivy, learn that in spite of their very different personalities, they have lots in common.

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And their funny, sometimes outrageous, highly credible, everyday adventures begin one summer. Experience the breadth and depth of Paul Laurence Dunbar's poetry. From his childhood in poverty and his early promise as a poet through his struggles to find acceptance as a writer and his tumultuous romance with his wife, to his immense fame and his untimely death, Dunbar's story is one of triumph and tragedy.

But his legacy remains in his much-beloved poetry — told in both Standard English and in dialect — which continues to delight and inspire readers today.

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  • Wer sind Social Entrepreneurs in Deutschland?: Soziologischer Versuch einer Profilschärfung (VS College) (German Edition).
  • Soupes (Les indispensables t. 2) (French Edition).
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  • Meet Laura and her family in this first of the Little House series in their cozy Wisconsin log home. Setting and characters come alive through the vivid detail of family life and living in the s. The calm narration mitigates the more explicit particulars of pioneer life.

    The movement of the train rocked me like a lullaby. Abilene Tucker feels abandoned. Her father has put her on a train, sending her off to live with an old friend for the summer while he works a railroad job. Armed only with a few possessions and her list of universals, Abilene jumps off the train in Manifest, Kansas, aiming to learn about the boy her father once was. Nate the Great has been delighting beginning readers for 30 years.

    The quirky characters and simple, clever storylines are a big hit with kids — all of whom love to solve each mystery alongside the most popular sleuth in the business. The Great Depression changed everything for year-old Oscar and his widowed dad.