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New Hardcovers in March. Death by Any Other Name. Lady Montfort and her housekeeper, Mrs. Jackson, investigate a murder among a group of amateur rose-breeders while the English summer days count down to the start of WW1. With this hilarious parody Haggadah from the comedic minds of Dave Barry, Alan Zweibel, and Adam Mansbach, good Jews everywhere will no longer have to sit and sleep through a lengthy and boring Seder.

Beaton - Death of a Ghost. Police Sergeant Hamish Macbeth hears reports of a haunted castle near Drim and spends the night at the ruined castle. There's no sign of any ghost, but there is a dead body propped against the wall of the cellar.

Trudy Nan Boyce - Old Bones. During a vigil calling for police reform, students from Spelman College, a historically black women's institution, are assaulted by rifle fire from a passing vehicle. Dan Chaon - Ill Will. Two sensational unsolved crimes, one in the past, another in the present, are linked by one man's memory and self-deception. Julia Chapman - Date with Death.

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Samson O'Brien, fired from the police force is back in his home town of Bruncliffe in the Yorkshire Dales, where he sets up the Dales Detective Agency while he fights to clear his name. Laura Childs - Pekoe Most Poison. Indigo Tea Shop owner Theodosia Browning attends a "Rat Tea," where servers dressed in rodent costumes and white gloves offer elegant finger sandwiches and fine teas.

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Stephen Dobyns - Saratoga Payback. Charlie Bradshaw begins to look into the murder of the town pest and finds himself entangled in a mission to rescue an old acquaintance's kidnapped horse. Caite Dolan-Leach - Dead Letters.

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Amy Engel - Roanoke Girls. After her mother's suicide, fifteen year-old Lane Roanoke went to live with her grandparents and cousin, Allegra. Lane rand away after she discovered the dark truth about her mother's mysterious family. Eleven years later, Lane is adrift in Los Angeles when her grandfather calls to tell her Allegra is missing. Estleman - Lioness is the Hunter. Detroit entrepreneur Carl Fannon hires Amos Walker to find his partner, Emil Haas, whose sudden disappearance has jeopardized their firm's plans to purchase the historic Sentinel Building.

A romantic seven-day cruise is the perfect start to bakery owner Hannah Swensen's marriage. However, with a murder mystery heating up in Lake Eden, Minnesota, it seems the newlywed's homecoming won't be as sweet as she anticipated. David Gibbins - Testament. The priests of the Temple look to the greatest navigators ever known to save their treasures. Allied codebreakers play a game of life and death. Marine archaeologist Jack Howard and his friend Costas hunt for Nazi gold and nearly destroy themselves.

James Grippando - Most Dangerous Place. Defending a woman accused of murdering the man who sexually assaulted her, Miami lawyer Jack Swyteck must uncover where the truth lies. Peter Heller - Celine.

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Celine has made a career of tracking down missing persons, but when a young woman asks for her help, a world of mystery and sorrow opens up. Mick Herron - Spook Street. A shakeup at MI5 and a terrorist attack on British soil set in motion clandestine machinery known to few modern spies. Miranda James - Twelve Angry Librarians.

Light-hearted librarian Charlie Harris is known around his hometown of Athena, Mississippi, for walking his cat, but he may soon be taken for a walk himself in handcuffs. Faye Kellerman - Bone Box. Rina Lazarus makes a shocking discovery in the woods of her upstate New York community that leads her husband, police detective Peter Decker, through a series of decades old, unsolved murders, pointing to a diabolical, serial killer who's been hiding in plain sight. Christobel Kent - Loving Husband. In a dilapidated farmhouse in the English Fenlands, Fran awakes groggily to her baby's cries and finds her husband is gone.

Moving uneasily through the drafty rooms, searching for her husband, Fran soon makes a devastating discovery. Landsdale - Rusty Puppy. Hap and Leonard investigate a racially motivated murder that threatens to tear apart their East Texas town. A man waits at a London airport for Ingrid Ostermann, the love of his life, to arrive.

The two men are about to discover they've been scammed out of almost every penny they have in the world - and that neither women exist. Meanwhile, a wealthy divorcee plunges, in suspicious circumstances, from an apartment block in Munich. In the same week, Detective Superintendent Roy Grace is called to investigate the suicide of a woman in Brighton, that is clearly not what it seems. As his investigations continue, a handsome Brighton motivational speaker comes forward.

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He's discovered his identity is being used to scam eleven different women, online. The first he knew of it was a phone call from one of them, out of the blue, saying, 'You don't know me, but I thought I knew you'. That woman is now dead. Roy Grace realizes he is looking at the tip of an iceberg. A global empire built on clever, cruel internet scams and the murder of anyone who threatens to expose them. Nine years ago, divorcee Marcia Brown took her own life.

A pillar of the community, she had been accused of theft, and it's assumed that she was unable to live with the shame.

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Now her former husband wants the case reopened. Marcia was framed, he says, to prevent her exposing a scandal. He wants justice for Marcia. When tragedy strikes and his daughter comes under threat, Skinner steps in. His quarry is about to discover that the road to hell is marked by bad intentions. What readers are saying about Quintin Jardine's gripping mysteries: 'I would recommend anyone new to the series to give yourself a treat and read them all!! Before the year is out, he has been assaulted, arrested, charged with serious war crimes and locked up in Scheveningen Prison in The Hague, waiting for his case to come before the International War Crimes Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia.

In Sydney, Anna Rosen, a freelance journalist, is emailed photos of a man she knows to be dead - gunned down in a brutal ambush in Bosnia over a decade ago. A man she'd once loved but who had betrayed her. Is it possible that the photos really are of Marin Katich? And if so, what the hell had happened in ?

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  7. From Croatia to The Hague to Bosnia and Herzegovina to Sydney, Anna and Marin's intertwined history fuels her determination to tear apart, piece by piece, his secrets, while continuing to keep her own. In a dangerous pursuit of justice and revenge, navigating the murky world of national and international secret agencies and those who would still be warlords, Anna fights for what she believes in and for those she loves. Tony Jones, one of Australia's most admired journalists, blurs the lines between fiction and political reality, creating a page-turning, intriguing and gripping thriller.

    A tightly told and powerful story of sins, lies and secrets long held' i Four elements. Four seasons. Four points on the compass. Four teenage girls. And one dead body.

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    Loved it. Sydney, Billie Walker is living life on her own terms. World War II has left her bereaved, her photojournalist husband missing and presumed dead. Determined not to rely on any man for her future, she re-opens her late father's detective agency. Billie's bread and butter is tailing cheating spouses - it's easy, pays the bills and she has a knack for it. But her latest case, the disappearance of a young man, is not proving straightforward Soon Billie is up to her stylish collar in bad men, and not just the unfaithful kind - these are the murdering kind.

    Billie and her loyal assistant must pit their wits against Sydney's ruthless underworld and find the young man before it's too late. Feline PI Joe Grey and his friends pounce on three investigations that may connect to one large mystery -including one case that is very personal-in this hair-raising installment in Shirley Rousseau Murphy's beloved, award-winning series Joe Grey and his partner, Dulcie, are frantic when Courtney, their pretty teen kitten goes missing.

    Aided by their two- and four-legged friends, they hit the streets of Molena Point in search of their calico girl. Has Joe Grey and Dulcie's only daughter been lured away by someone and stolen Is she lying somewhere hurt, or worse Courtney has no idea that everyone is desperately looking for her. Locked in an upstairs apartment above the local antiques shop, she's enjoying her first solo adventure.