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31 Things Every 80's Kids Will Recognize Immediately From Their Childhoods (These Will Take You Bac

In addition to stars like Billy Ray Cyrus and John Stamos sporting this regrettable haircut, everyone from your family members to your teachers had them, too. They say the higher the hair, the closer to God—and that was certainly true when it came to your bangs in the '80s. Even if you had to use a whole can of Aqua Net to achieve your desired look, it was well worth it.

And if you think that's relatable, you'll crack up over the 30 Funniest Jokes About Growing Up in the '80s. There were plenty of real-life villains the '80s to be afraid of, but none of them made you quite so frightened as the redheaded menace known as Chucky. In fact, the doll's evil deeds made you so scared you actually started to suspect your own playthings, as well.

Cabbage Patch Kids weren't just a thing in the '80s—they were the thing.

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And you were proud to own one, knowing your parents likely risked life and limb at your local mall to make sure you had one in time for the holidays. While pagers may seem antiquated by today's standards, back in the '80s, if you had one, you couldn't have been cooler. Sure, you had to learn a million codes to understand what people were trying to communicate with you and have access to a landline to get in touch with anyone else, but there was no denying that a pager was the ultimate in high-tech accessories at the time.

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  3. 34 Toys You’ll Totally Remember If You Were A Kid In The ’80s.
  4. Sure, your bed was fine, but there was nothing more enviable to you than your friends' waterbeds. They may have made you a little seasick to lay on—and there was, of course, the ever-present worry about accidentally flooding the room—but they were still just about the coolest piece of furniture you'd ever seen.

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    With records rapidly being replaced by cassettes, music became instantly more portable in the s. And with the advent of the boombox, you could bring your favorite music anywhere you went—preferably sharing it with everyone around you while perching the machine between your neck and shoulder. The only thing more fun than shopping at an actual mall? Pretending to shop with your friends during a game of Mall Madness. In the s, you had two choices when you wanted to watch a movie at home: head to your local video store or tap into your private stash of tapes.

    Of course, no matter the provenance of your VHSes, playing or rewinding one always put you at risk for this mangled mess—and the heartbreaking realization you'd have to shell out another month's worth of allowance for a new one. And for another skip down memory lane, check out these 25 Reasons We're All Obsessed with the s in While not every political scandal or international crisis made it past your radar as a kid, you totally remember exactly where you were when you heard about the Challenger disaster in You could barely walk past a newsstand without seeing the ship breaking apart on the front pages of newspapers and covers of magazines for months after—and again, every year, on the anniversary of the tragedy.

    Raising Kids In The ’80s Wasn’t All Drinking Tab While Your Kids Ran Around

    The color of toxic slime, loaded with sugar, and generally the greatest thing you'd ever tasted in your life, getting one of these at lunch had you pitying the kids who got sent to school with water or juice. In the s, rocking a pair of Zubaz pants with a fanny pack cinching the waistline was the move. Today, unless you're going to an '80s-themed party, an outfit like that will only get you laughs and stares—and not the good kind.

    Your teachers hated them. They left marks on your arms for days. They hurt when you snapped them on your wrist.

    25 Things EVERY 80s Kid Will Recognize

    But nothing in the world was going to keep your collection of brightly-patterned from growing until they reached your elbows on both arms. Of course, George Michael and company weren't your only fashion inspirations: from the mesh tops to the tutu skirts to the black bracelets, you were a head-to-toe Madonnabe. While it would be at least a decade before everyone had a computer, if you had a Commodore 64 in the early 80's, you were a real gamer.

    What It Was Really Like To Raise Kids In The s

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